Outfitting a Private Office for Maximum Productivity

private office

Your private office needs to be properly outfitted to include everything you need to function at maximum productivity, while working independently, meeting with clients, or holding conferences.

Whether you work in a private office within your company, at a remote location, or in a coworking space, make sure these office essentials are part of your layout.

The Desk

computer workstationsThe desk is where all the magic happens, and you need to be on top of your game! From comfort and health to organization and efficiency, your desk needs to be multi-functional. Consider investing in a sit-to-stand desk. Benefits include reducing common conditions like back pain, improved concentration, and the ability to fit in some light exercise while working!

Above all, choose a desk that suits your work needs. Stability, versatility, and ease of use all factor in selecting a quality desk that endures. From sleek and chic to traditional, sit-to-stand desks offer a variety of looks to blend with almost every taste!

**Bonus** Click here for guidelines on using a sit-to-stand desk!

The Chair

An ergonomic desk chair combats neck and shoulder pain, provides comfort, and easily slides from desk to other areas of your office. Models range from basic ergonomic chairs that prevent slouching to deluxe models with uber adjustable options, headrests, sliding seats, tilting mechanisms, and more. Whatever your budget, an ergonomic chair is an invaluable office essential!

**TIP** Be sure to include a chairmat, vital for support while you sit or stand. Chair mats are available for carpeted and uncarpeted flooring. Choose a mat that’s stable, durable, and one allows your chair to glide and move easily.

The Filing Cabinet

Get rid of that classic monster of a filing cabinet! Vertical and horizontal files, personal towers that store files and protect personal items, and specialty storage like filing islands and file taxis all meet today’s filing needs.

Freestanding, stackable filing cabinets keep you organized while providing extra desk space for reference books or small office equipment. Furnish with flowers, framed photos or minimalist decor to streamline the look of your space!

The Shelving

Your private office needs to be organized, and that’s where shelving comes in! Choose shelving that caters to your needs. You may need a small corner bookcase, perfect for small spaces, or two- or three-shelf cabinets. Full traditional bookshelves look powerful while providing storage for books, binders, and other materials. Moveable shelving is ideal when sharing resources with co-workers.

Laminate, wood, or steel. Tall or short. A variety of shelving options can easily blend with the aesthetic of your office while providing an essential need to make often-used materials easily accessible!

The Production Table

Production tables are commonly used in commercial and industrial environments. If your office requires a production table, consider these features:

  • Moveable (with wheels)
  • Height adjustable
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Stable for cutting and other delicate tasks
  • Multi-tiered tables or extra space for storing supplies

The Conference Table

A small conference table allows for private meetings, brainstorming sessions, and one-on-ones within the quiet and comfort of your own office. Make an impression with an oval or rectangular table in a mahogany hue or other rich laminate stains. If you’re short on space, no worries! Lightweight folding tables set up quickly and easily.

Modern swap tables and meeting tables provide multiple uses, including freestanding and mobile tables, and lend your office an effortless on-trend appeal!

Pair your conference table with comfortable chairs. For smaller areas, trendy stackable chairs make a great option, especially when you need to bring a large group in for impromptu meetings.

**Quick Fix Tip** If you’re short on time and need a few essentials to get started on your new private office, check out executive workstations that provide the basics in coordinating materials and finishes!

Outfit your private office with the essentials so you can be your most productive! The furniture experts at Nolt’s would love to help you choose office furniture to meet your needs. Stop by our showroom today to check out the latest in office essentials!