Why You Still Need Filing Cabinets in a Paperless World

filing cabinets

As paper documents have become less prevalent in the modern workspace, the documents that remain are typically of high priority and importance. Filing cabinets not only provide storage for these important papers, they protect them as well.

Ever notice how even though we live in a so-called “wireless” world, there still seems to be quite a few wires, cords, plugs, and connectors about? There are so many wireless wires, that you can trip and fall if you’re not careful.

It’s not just the wireless phenomenon that has created oxymoronic confusion. In our increasingly “paperless” society, people still seem to generate quite a bit of paper. You can see it when you look across the office: paper-strewn desks, overflowing folders, and computers dotted with sticky notes.

Even as the world has gotten increasingly more digital, finding a place for all that extra paper doesn’t seem to have gone out of style.

Paper is Here to Stay

No one needs to tell you that going full-on digital is wise. In fact, if you work in a modern office on a modern computer, you’re probably well on your way. When you consider that a tiny 8GB flash drive can hold up to 12 million pages of content, it’s hard to fathom how our ancestors managed to deal with what could only have been a deluge of paper on a daily basis.

And yet, even in an increasingly paperless world, we still find ourselves surrounded by paper. And there are some very good reasons why.

  1. Paper is durable. As fragile as it is, when properly handled, paper is an enduring form of communication that has historically stood the test of time. It often serves as a window to the past—a way for us to see the written word as it was carefully preserved and originally conceived.
  2. Paper is easy. You don’t have to fumble for your phone, pull out your laptop, or fire up a desktop computer to read a paper document. Programs, windows, and readers aren’t necessary—you only need the document itself.
  3. Paper has weight. Of course, paper has a physical weight to it—it’s tangible, not virtual. But it also has weight in the mind of the holder. A nicely written proposal, or a beautifully formatted report has presentation value when it’s provided in paper form. It goes from being a set of ideas to an actual thing you can touch and feel.

There’s no question that digital is the way of the future, but with all it has to offer, don’t expect paper to go away anytime soon. And if that’s the case, investing in a place to put it is an absolute must.

Filing Cabinets are More Relevant than Ever

Whether they’re for personal use or business, the paper documents you choose to hold on to are typically of high value. They include:

  • Check stubs
  • Reports
  • Customer or client files
  • Payables or bills
  • Receipts
  • Wills

There are more types, of course, but you get the idea. These are typically important documents that require a little more safeguarding than the notes you jot down or the slips of paper that contain your doodles. At the very least, these documents need to be filed away; in many cases, however, they need to be kept safe.

For certain types of businesses—such as those in the legal, medical, or real estate fields—keeping hard copies of certain documents isn’t just convenient, it’s mandatory. Likewise, most businesses need a place to store hard copies of personnel files, agreements, and financial documents.

Filing Cabinets Offer Reams of Benefits

Whether it’s a four-drawer vertical, a fire-proof lateral, or a mobile unit with wheels, a filing cabinet offers more advantages than just housing documents. A few of the benefits include:

  • Advanced security. With a variety of fire-proof and locking options, certain filing cabinets can serve as veritable fortress for your most important documents.
  • Organization. From categorization of files to tidying up around the office, filing cabinets help keep your business running smoothly and allow everyone to be on the same page when it comes to locating documents and filing them. Depending on their dimensions (vertical vs. lateral), filing cabinets can also help shape the office environment by serving as room dividers or printer stands.
  • Storage Space. Whether you choose a small, two-drawer filing cabinet or an entire filing cabinet system, these units have a deceptively large amount of interior space. Only you know how much document storage you need, but even the smallest filing cabinets can provide a larger amount of space than you may realize.

By now it should be clear that our “paperless” society isn’t exactly paperless. While there may be less of it in proportion to the number of new documents being created every day, there’s certainly no shortage of it. Storing the important documents that remain should be a priority for any business, regardless of the industry, type, or size.

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