Take a Stand at Work with a Deskless Office Design

Woman in a Deskless Office
What if there were a simple, proven method that could make your employees more productive at work without a major cash outlay or a mass infusion of caffeine?  What if you could make a quick change that showed your staff you are invested in them—not just for what they do, but for who they are?

Are you ready for the “office of the future”? It’s ready for you. People are buzzing about the modern, deskless office.

What’s a deskless office and more importantly, where do I set my coffee cup?

The deskless office is a bit of a misnomer. People still have a private work area with a surface, but rather than the traditional desk, the modern office is centered around an adjustable-height table –also known as “sit-stand desk.”  Workers can still sit when they wish but the innovation is that they can stand to work when they want to as well.

Turns out excessive sitting isn’t such a good thing.

We sit a lot. If we have office jobs, we sit for the better part of eight hours. We may get up to grab lunch and sit somewhere else for a bit but sitting is pretty much the game-plan at work. We even sit as we drive to and from the office. And after a long day of bringing home the bacon, what do we do? We reward ourselves by sitting down for dinner and then moving to the couch or our favorite chair to sit some more as we read, watch TV, or talk! The toll of our sedentary life? It’s not pretty: back pain, neck aches, weight gain and an increased incidence of a whole bunch of maladies we’d rather not think about. Did you know excessive sitting can even slow down general brain function?

Turns out standing is a pretty good thing.

The human body isn’t designed to sit all the time. It’s designed to be active. We don’t need to be triathletes; we just need to move more than we do. The sit-stand desk (a.k.a. the “adjustable-height table”) allows people to get off their behinds and stand while working. What’s the benefit? Well, a recent study shows standing is good. Workers are generally less tired and more engaged, and people with sit-stand desks also reported less body and joint pain, less anxiety and even an improved quality of life in and out of the office!

Are the Desk Days Obsolete?

Technology is rewriting all the rulebooks…including office design. Once upon a time, we simply needed a desk. People called us on our desk phone. We worked on Jurassic typewriters and then progressed to our desktop computer (with a separate monitor that took up most of our desk). We filed information away in our desk drawers in manila folders with color-coded tabs inside hanging folder files. We needed that monstrous desk if for nothing else than to have someplace to put down our massive desk-sized monthly calendar planners. Now, all of that and so much more can be done with a 2-pound laptop and a cell phone.

If those memories ring true for you, think about how far today’s office has really come. Deskless office designs are the next logical step. Not only can they be beautiful, they can be surprisingly cost effective as well!

What’s Next? Come See for Yourself!

With mobile technology, we no longer need to aspire to the corner office. While we may never stop needing a conference room table, the traditional office layout is well on its way to becoming another one of those “do you remember?” items of the past.

The modern office sends a message that your team is living and working in today while moving full speed ahead to the future. If you’re ready to take a stand and enter the modern workforce, give us a call or come check out the showroom and we’ll show you the products that can get your team on their feet and more productive.