How to Tell When You Need a New Office Desk

Office desks see a lot—new employees, upgraded technology, coffee spills…the list goes on. Deciding whether it’s time to replace a desk can be a challenge.

If you need to justify purchasing a new office desk (aside from using it as a tax write-off), these are five perfectly logical reasons.

1. Your current desk is the wrong height

The first solution that comes to mind for this problem is to purchase an adjustable desk chair. But that may not be the best solution. When your desk is too short, comfort is unattainable regardless of the type of chair you or your employee uses. If the desk is too tall, the user may experience issues just trying to reach the bottom drawer.

2. Your responsibilities have outgrown your workspace

You just had your annual employee review. The boss is so thrilled with your performance that he feels confident giving you bigger tasks in addition to your daily workload. Congratulations! It’s time to evaluate your workstation—do you have the space it takes to accomplish everything?

3. Your storage space is beyond capacity

With new responsibilities and necessary desk accessories comes a need for more storage space. Filing cabinets may work for some things, but the convenience of quick access to essentials is priceless (and having everything at your fingertips makes tasks easier to achieve). Don’t let your workstation (or floor space) get overrun by mass amounts of paperwork, outdated sticky note reminders, and stray binder clips. Make sure to invest in a new office desk that has the storage capacity to keep you organized and on task.

4. Your desk clashes with the rest of the office

Perhaps the company has rebranded or decided to change the atmosphere by remodeling the office building. Changing the office atmosphere can also mean changing the office furniture. The reception area changed—stylish chairs line the waiting area, and the old desk has been replaced with a more modern piece. Although the theme of the office has changed, many workstations have not. They stick out like rundown, rusty cars in the lot of a new car dealership—not pretty.

5. Your desk is damaged

Of course there’s the classic damaged desk excuse. Little nicks here and there add character to a workspace. But if drawers are nearly impossible to open and one of the desk legs is wonky, throwing your whole operation out of whack, it’s time for a new office desk.

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